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More than just an advanced fuel gas – A total system of metal working application.


The unique formulation of Chem-O-Lene fuel gas makes it unlike any competitive fuel. Composed entirely of combustible hydrocarbons, it burns consistently from full to empty cylinders and all pressures between. But the most significant performance advantage lies in its higher flame temperature – temperatures higher than attainable with any existing fuel! This means both greater cutting speed and relative freedom from slag. And its flexibility in application allows Chem-O-Lene gas to heat treat with a minimum of oxidation and without use of mufflers. Chem-O-Lene gas cuts high carbon steel with no apparent embrittlement.


Chem-O-Lene gas is available in a variety of quantities to meet your needs. A national distribution network has been established so that Chem-O-Lene gas can be shipped anywhere in the country. Furthermore, since more than one shipping point is used, the savings in freight are passed on to you.

Brazing and Soldering

Chem-O-Lene gas is an excellent fuel for bronze brazing, silver brazing and soldering, or aluminum brazing.
A standard acetylene tip is generally used for brazing or soldering although one to two sizes larger will give more control of the flame. In addition, the tip may be counter-bored using a drill three times the diameter of the tip. The counter-bore should only be as deep as the diameter of the drill.
Pressure settings should be the same as with acetylene.
Chem-O-Lene gas blends very well with liquid fluxes and unlike acetylene will eliminate the danger of flashback. Furthermore, Chem-O-Lene gas does not adversely react with copper; however, a natural cleaning action makes brazing of copper tubing much easier and faster.


Chem-O-Lene gas is stable, non-toxic, non-poisonous, non-injurious fuel with limited flammability and extremely high resistance to shock and explosion. Explosive limits, in both oxygen and air are significantly lower than any competitive fuel. It may be used safely at full cylinder pressure and can be transported in standard DOT-approved LPG equipment. Chem-O-Lene gas is less susceptible to back-flash in a torch than any competitive fuel, and its distinctive odor allows immediate detection of even the smallest leaks.


Chem-O-Lene gas attains complete solution upon initial composition and no separation or stratification is ever experienced during its indefinite shelf life. There is no change with withdrawal and subsequent lower tank pressures, and Chem-O-Lene gas contains no components that could become more concentrated in the tank as fuel is consumed. The composition of Chem-O-Lene gas eliminates the formation of polymers that attack controls and tips causing hoses to fail in service. Uniformity in composition and application, cylinder after cylinder, guarantees uniformity of results with is a key test for any fuel.


The fact that Chem-O-Lene gas costs less per pound than any comparable fuel gas is just one of its economic benefits. Its superior cutting speed, of course, translates directly into savings of times, as does reduced handling requirements. Compared to acetylene, for example, a single 100-pound cylinder of Chem-O-Lene gas will do the work of eight large acetylene cylinders. The savings in both handling and storage are immediately apparent. In addition, the ability to manifold Chem-O-Lene gas cylinders allows piping of shop with minimum investment. Savings in time and manpower combined with greater speed mean real economy on the job. Depending upon application, a user can anticipate savings ranging from 15% to 40% over conventional industrial fuel gases.