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About Our Company

Chemweld, Inc., privately owned and operated, has proudly been serving the welding industry for over 38 years. The founder, Mr. Garry McKenna, a lifetime member of the welding and industrial gas community, realized this specialized market needed a safer, more economical, and more environmentally friendly option to the dangerous and costly gas, acetylene.

Based on the requirement for a needed acetylene replacement for all industries, Mr. Garry McKenna devoted his time, research, and expertise to develop Chemolene fuel gas that could reduce and replace acetylene’s growing usage. For the past 38+ years Chemweld USA has been supplying Chemolene fuel gas to the metal working market throughout the United States.

Chemweld’s success has been built on the foundation of excellent customer service and technical assistance which continues under the leadership of Garry’s daughter, Linda McKenna Smith since his retirement in 2013.

Garry McKenna

Linda Smith

Carey Canup
National Sales Manager

Phil Corder
Railroad Support Specialist