CHEMWELD Cylinder Division

Refurbishing up to the highest standards.

Chemweld cylinder division has been a DOT approved testing facility since 1997 serving the high pressure cylinder industry as well as the propane industry. We provide hydrostatic and ultrasonic testing for all high pressure cylinders up to 10,500 PSIG. We also inspect and recondition low pressure propane cylinders. Our complete maintenance program will meet all of your cylinder refurbishment requirements. Our fast turnaround will keep your valuable cylinder assets in the field working for you and our competitive pricing will save you money!

UE MachineUltra Sonic Testing

Chemweld, Inc. is the only independent testing facility in the southeastern United States to utilize state-of-the-art Digitalwave UE (ultrasonic examication) technology. . Ultrasonic technology is fast becoming the global standard for cylinder retesting. It is preferred by major gas companies and retesters for its superior results and efficiency.

The benefits of using EU testing include:

• Does not require valve removal
• Saves money on valves!​
• Ensures the integrity of the contents of the cylinder—ideal for spec gas
• Save money cylinder contents since product can stay in the tank!
• High throughput give you a reduced turnaround time
• Get your cylinder assets back into the field faster!

Hydrostatic Testing

Chemweld, Inc. utilizes computer controlled hydrostatic testing equipment capable of testing low pressure cylinders and high pressure cylinders up to 10,500 PSIG. Chemweld, Inc. is a DOT approved and inspected cylinder requalification facility. All cylinders are inspected visually and hydrostatically according to 49CFR180.205.

Propane Cylinders Propane Testing

Chemweld has over twenty years of experience inspecting and refurbishing propane cylinders.

• The metal wall of the cylinder is visually inspected for damage
• Sleeves and wrapping is removed
• Proper markings are noted
• Cylinders is inspected for leaks, corrosion, denting, bulging, fire damage or evidence of rough usage
• Valves and foot rings are inspected
• Ensure that the proper OPD device is installed
• Inspect pressure relieve valve for corrosion or foreign material


Cylinder Refurbishment

Chemweld removes old paint, labels, and rust from any size high or low pressure cylinder with a Viking shot blast machine. We can make your cylinders look like new.


Chemweld offers customized paint solutions to meet all of your cylinder color specifications. We use Sheboygan premium water based enamel that is fast drying, durable and offers UV and corrosion protection. Any coating can be applied at the customer’s request.

Additional Services

• Eddy current testing - US Dot final ruling released August 29, 2006, requires eddy current testing of 6351 alloy cylinders effective January 1, 2007.
• Gas conversion
• Valve replacement

Delivery and Pick Up

Chemweld runs regular pick up and deliver routes throughout the Southeastern United States. Please call for our delivery schedule or to arrange a pick up.

Contact us: 800-241-4919

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